International Council meeting – Monday April 29 2013

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International Council meeting

Monday April 29 2013 – 13.00 GMT / 14.00 BST (British Summer Time)

You can join the meet up directly here if you don’t have a IRC client: #okfn-int # freenode


* Rufus Pollock, Laura James, Christian Villum, Zara Rahman (Central)
* Oleg Lavrovsky (CH)
* Tomoaki Watanabe (Japan)
* Alberto Albella (ES)
* Everton Zanella Alvarenga (Brazil)
* Michaela Rybickova (Czech Republic)
* Daniel Dietrich (Germany)
* Charalampos Bratsa (Greece)
* Joris Pekel (Netherlands)
* Pierre Chrzanowski (France)
* Haklae Kim (Korea)
* Julia Kloiber (DE)

Listed but not present in IRC

* Samuel Goëta (France)
* Antti Poikola (Finland)
* Thomas Turner (Austria)

Apologies (unable to attend):

* David F. Flanders (Australia)


[1] IRC – freenode – #okfn-int (use if you don’t have an IRC client)

[2] Skype as backup, please add christianvillum, rufuspollock, laura.james, zara.rahman to your Skype contacts.


Laura will be logging the meeting, full transcript here.


  • Introducing Zara Rahman, new OKF International Community Manager
  • Restructuring the International Council
  • The committees and their focusses, suggested tasks
    • Steering Committee
      • Steering development of network
      • Help review Chapter applications
    • Mentoring Committee
      • Welcome Party Calls
      • Mentoring scheme
    • Projects Committee
      • Identify campaigns and joint projects
      • Connect Local Groups and Working Groups
    • Outreach Committee
      • Shared materials
      • Optimizing our outreach
    • Review Committee
      • Review Ambassador applicants (many Ambassador applicants in the pipeline), see current procedure.
      • Optimizing our outreach
    • Joining the committees (who joins which committee?)
    • Specific key areas
      • Outreach materials
      • Ambassador review
  • Next steps
  • Misc / Any other business
  • How do we stay in touch and share what’s going on – Rufus’s point about the Summit ….removal of council mailing list?

Meeting Minutes

Introducing Zara Rahman, new OKF International Community Manager

Zara was welcomed. She is based in Berlin.

Restructuring the International Council

Feedback on the v2 proposal for distributed governance was requested.

Rufus raised the question of communications eg sharing learning; the Summit was a great opportunity for this but how can we keep it going?

Trusting new people: how can we trust people we haven’t all worked with? Perhaps new ambassadors could serve an “apprenticeship” and show results… whilst being mentored.

What’s the number of ambassador applications? 1-2 per week, over 30 in pipeline. Already 5 Ambassadors plus Initiatives & Chapters.

Do we actively look after people who apply to be Ambassadors but are put in the “holding pattern”? Do we have resource for this? would this be part of the Review Committee responsibility?

The committees:

Steering committee:

The committee was introduced as per the v2 document and no objections raised.

Mentoring committee:

Was introduced. Christian and Zara will be on this committee too.

Nominees: Everton; Pierre;Julia

Potential: Charalampos to check with Lazaros

Review Committee:

Was introduced.

Nominees: Charalampos, Oleg

There was a proposal to merge the Projects and Outreach committees as they are similar in focus. This proposal was agreed.

Nominees for Projects & Outreach Committee:

* Alberto Abella (ES)
* Daniel Dietrich (DE)
* Haklae Kim (Korea)
* Joris Pekel (NL)

Full IRC transcript from the meeting can be found here.

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