Wolfpack Meeting Notes, 1/10/12

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# Team Meeting

Team meeting [1/10/12]. at 3:00pm UK time. (14:00 UTC)

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Lucy Chambers
* Marcus Dapp
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Jonathan Gray
* Sam Leon
* Naomi Lillie
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Darwin Peltan
* Tom Rees
* Michelle Heydon

## Apologies
* Irina Bolychevsky
* Daniel Dietrich
* Laura James (probably not going to make this week)
* Rufus Pollock
* Meg Foulkes

## Agenda
* OKFest follow-up (coordinating contacts etc) + OKFestival book + ‘After’ page

## Events (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgKCQJHmtLY_dGNER3RLRWJTbjItNzBBNnc2aDNuUnc&pli=1#gid=0)
* Update from RP (following discussion with LN and MF)
* MozFest (potential attendees include Michael Bauer, Lucy Chambers, Laura Newman (?), Tom Rees, Sam Smith… )
-> Propose action should be, to try and get the people who proposed the school of data session. That should be Michael’s priority on the call, see if we could get those 4 people there
Budget -> project vs core
Lucy to request weekend slot

## Questions
* Who now is responsible for registering domains? (Re: Jonathan’s suggestion to register openco2.org)
and who reviews existing domains (sites) and works out if we should keep them on?
-> in future (for now at least, people register their)
-> from Darwin – how do we ensure renewal reminders don’t get missed?
* NB in next 45 days Accuwebhosting is deleting wheredoesmymoneygo.net, dataquestions.org, reviewlution.net, knowledgeforge.net, opendatacommons.org, econdata.org and econopedia.info (should these messages, currently to admin@, go to sys-admin?)
* What is correct address for sys-admin Qs / request? sysadmin@okfn.org or sysadmin-coord@lists.okfn.org?
* sysadmin@
* This call – time & chair, and do we like Google hangouts?
* Move community call to 15 uk /16 europe for 1 hour
* ping team re: wolfpack timing and focus
* New projects submission form – what are we doing with this?
* Open Transport working group want to write an Open Transport Data Handbook. They are looking for
a) a copyeditor
b) around €5k to fund printed copies.
How much can we help? Who can we point them towards?
WG coord (LauraN/Naomi) has a £2000 budget for random WG support – happy to delegate to them to figure out how this divides between WGs <-- ddin't know about this! Might need some guidance... 🙂 Likewise... project support -> network and WGs\

## AOB
Good for a laugh: 7th image in the series http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-19749546 <- haha. photo of the day! thought you'd like it 😀

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