Wolfpack Notes, 3/9/12

September 3, 2012 in Meeting Notes

# Team Meeting
Team meeting 03/09, around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)

## Highlights
* Discussed practical details of OKFest, including autoresponder strategy, emergency contact, payments and volunteer coordination – see notes below.
* Travel de-brief documents (GDocs – Chapters > Travel Briefing). If you have been on a major trip, please record notes & experiences here. Remember to use Highrise for contacts! This folder is also a starting point for anyone planning a trip.
* The Dashboard – a heads up of a snazzy new thing to come. The Dashboard monitors our activity (tweets, mailing list sign-up etc). See the [Dashboard User Stories](https://docs.google.com/document/d/16rFPJUZIYnAvSvyAPYjgnHdxnPk0OMOwVT87Z2qyCv0/edit).
* Highrise training for all who need it – an email to come round from Lucy.
* Darwin is away for roughly two weeks.

## Events (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgKCQJHmtLY_dGNER3RLRWJTbjItNzBBNnc2aDNuUnc&pli=1#gid=0)
* LN / RGRP / MF to discuss in more detail

## Questions
* keeping things going while at OKFest – out-of-offices confuse people, how can we manage expectations in terms of response-times etc? [NL]
* no auto-responders
* mob # emergency (RP offers his # for texting!)
* blog-post week before
* Meg being 1st point-of-contact with back up from Jonathan and others
* nothing so urgent can’t wait a week (in theory)
* Slightly related: is there a way to find out who is doing what on which days, and who needs extra help during OKFest?
* Morning stand-ups for volunteers, please come along to that (details tbc but likely 20mins around 09.30) – Naomi/Kat to be at these each morning if have questions 😉
* Travel debrief documents [LN] (GDocs – Chapters > Travel Briefings)
* read!
* Use Highrise
* Payments – there will be lag over OKFest, please make sure you have alerted LJ to any urgent payment requests well before then (normal pay-run won’t be affected, we’ll get up to date for post-OKFest invoices the week before)

### Announcing The Dashboard
* [Dashboard User Stories](https://docs.google.com/document/d/16rFPJUZIYnAvSvyAPYjgnHdxnPk0OMOwVT87Z2qyCv0/edit)
From Tom Rees 😀 ++
* maps our activity, tweets etc – http://activityapi.herokuapp.com/api/1/activity/staff
* good stats – #s posts per day, #s users etc
* data more than visualisation at this stage but will lead to snazzy viewing thingy…
* github issues – https://github.com/okfn/dashboard/issues/35
* Opinions welcomed, speak to Tom Rees
* possibly automate Sam Leon’s info collection!
(Tom – prob missed stuff, please add – slow typing)

## AOB
* Darwin – Away for two weeks
* Highrise training
* NL +1
* LC to e-mail staff@
* Events – ongoing (RP, LN, MF)
* briefing: people, places, existing contacts etc – make more of an effort to combine ideas
* Discuss in Oct (comm team)
* Meg + NL discussing better comm of contacts etc… will tie-in

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
* [Naomi Lillie](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-naomi-lillie-27/)
* [Lucy Chambers](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-lucy-chambers-37/)
* [Laura Newman](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-laura-newman-26/)
* [Daniel Dietrich](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-daniel-dietrich-36/)
/sings: sistaaaaaas are doin’ it for themselves… <- #winning * [Kat Braybrooke](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-kat-braybrooke-37/) * [Laura James](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-laura-james-31/) * [Michael Bauer](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/weekly-update-michael-bauer-2/) * [Sam Smith](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-sam-smith-15/) * [Joris Pekel](http://notebook.okfn.org/2012/09/03/week-ahead-joris-pekel-16/) ## Participants * Kat Braybrooke * Lucy Chambers * Marcus Dapp * Daniel Dietrich * Velichka Dimitrova * Jonathan Gray * Meg Foulkes * Laura James * Naomi Lillie * Laura Newman * Joris Pekel * Darwin Peltan * Rufus Pollock * Tom Rees ## Apologies * Sam Leon

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